Mach3 Quilting and Embroidery: Unlimited Possibilities

Where: Accomplish Quilting, Inc,  810 Napier Ave, St Joseph, MI   49085
PHONE: (269)556.2552
Date: June 22 – 23, 2018

Join Accomplish Quilting and Susan Smith, international quilting and certified Art and Stitch teacher, in exploring the intriguing possibilities offered with Innova’s Mach 3 software and the Grand Format Embroidery. Focusing on applications in actual quilting projects, Susan will share many tips, tricks and timesavers in 2 days of classes on June 22-23, 2018. Susan will show how to utilize these powerful features to great advantage!

Classes descriptions:

June 22nd

Session 1: Identifying and Adapting Good Digitized Patterns

Have you ever wondered why some designs stitch out so well? Focusing on good design principles, Susan will take you step by step through the basics of digitizing that can also be used in the Mach3 software.  You will learn how easy it is to adapt or create great digital patterns.   You are sure to able to identify good digitizing and select the perfect designs!

Session 2: Effectively Organizing Your Pattern Library

Do you work to find just the right patterns for your projects?  As a credential librarian, Susan will help you organize your Pattern Library to work for you! Understanding the options for patterns, tags, and pattern pads will help your searches become quicker and more productive. The options for saving and printing patterns will be discussed too.

Session 3: Practically Perfect Pattern Placement

Using small projects that you can do on your own machine, Susan will demonstrate the wonderful efficiency of Autofit and several other Mach3 features in placing patterns fast and accurately. There are several tools that have similar functions and different ways to accomplish the desired results.  Susan will help you select the best tools for your project!

Session 4: 1 Block, 4 Quilt Tops, 8 Spectacular Quilts!

One quilt block turned different ways creates four unique quilt layouts. Susan will review at least 2 quilting plans for each of the four tops and how she applied Mach3 techniques to complete these beauties. You can recreate these quilt tops or use the techniques discussed on your own quilts.


June 23rd

Session 5: A Look at Modern Quilting

The Modern Quilt style is often distinctive with its trend toward more open space – and a challenge to the quilter! Susan will illustrate the creativity of the impressive Mach3 software in dealing with modern quilts. She focuses on designs which add texture, are quickly and precisely placed, and stitch out effectively. Modern Quilts give us the opportunity to expand our quilting ideas.

Session 6: Designing Optimal Quilting Plans

Innova has given us several tools to create the ideal design plans.  Susan will show how she uses the Mach3 Simulator, Background Images, and Innova Designer to select patterns for customer, charity and her own quilts. Truly, a picture is worth a thousand words!

Session 7: The Ins and Outs of Path Apply

Path Apply allow us to apply an embroidery design along the lines of quilting patterns. Susan will discuss how to use the optimal designs to give your quilts that personalized custom look. You will see how easy it is to edit or create beautiful designs!

Session 8: Grand Format Embroidery

Grand Format Embroidery gives us a sensational new option for the longarm – true embroidery. No longer restricted by hoop size, embroidery patterns can extend to new dimensions.  Join Susan in discovering the exciting applications of this innovative development!

Quilting Designs!

How do you recognize if a quilting design will stitch out well? What type of thread or stitch per inch will work best? Should the density of a design be changed?  Join certified Art and Stitch teacher, Susan Smith and learn the answers to these questions and more. She will teach the basics of quilting designs along with many valuable tips and tricks. Even if you are not interested in mastering the skills to digitizing quilting patterns, you are sure to learn how to evaluate and select the perfect quilting designs!

And did you know that Art and Stitch is not just for those with computerized longarm systems? It is also helpful for quilters who want to use paper pantos.  You can create, size, and print your own panto!

If you’d like to learn more about Art and Stitch, please check out my classes at Birds of a Feather!  You don’t need to buy Art and Stitch for these classes.  You can explore the software in a free trial version!  If you have any questions, please let me know!

Birds of a Feather

Where: Herndon, VA ( just outside of DC)
Date: Feb 8-11, 2018

Thanks for joining us this winter for Birds of a Feather 2018, a unique educational experience dedicated to quilting with machines!


Susan Smith is a quilter using Mach3 on her Innova longarm from Bainbridge Island near Seattle, Washington. Susan’s background is in the areas of quilting, education, training, technology, management, and organization development. She has taught quilting related software in classes, conferences, and quilt shows. As she wanted specific quilting patterns for her classes, she became interested in digitizing and is an Art and Stitch certified teacher. She loves learning new things and sharing them with others!

For more information, please see the following link for  Birds of a Feather :